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Efficient and friendly local Cairns engineering service

Cairns home of quality ute tray backs for all makes

Tools at our disposal to help get the job done efficiently

Duncan Blakey, the owner and proprietor of DNC Metal Works, has over 30 years experience in the the sheet metal industry. When Duncan started the business in 1995 little did he know that it would grow into such a successful venture. Now, with over 4 full time staff, the business caters to all shapes and sizes of metal work - whether big or small jobs.

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DNC Metal Works are the premiere manufacturer of quality aluminium ute tray backs that can be custom made to suit your specific vehicle and requirements. We put a lot of thought into the dynamics of these canopies (or dropsides) to make sure that they suit the profile of the car and look like they were made by the vehicle factory. click here to read more>>

We have built up a variety of different tools and equipment over the past years such as;

• 2.5m Guillotine (Up to 3mm Steel / 5mm Alloy)
• 3.7m Brake Press
• Tube Bender
• 60 Tonne Punch & Sheer Machine
• Plasma Cutter
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Where you’ll find us

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